Specialist Services

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the necessities of life. Knowing your hard-earned assets will be dealt with in the manner you choose provides peace of mind.

For business owners, a plan for succession of ownership is essential. We can guide you through the process of providing for business continuity.

The executor and trustee of a Will are required to perform a number of duties. At MGH Advisory we are experienced in estate planning including the link with Self Managed Super Funds.

The areas in estate administration that we can assist with include: 

  • Meeting to discuss objectives for your estate
  • Binding Death Nominations
  • Confirming assets - Valuations, inventories, and appraisals
  • Documentation involved in estate planning
  • Protecting the assets
  • Taxation obligations of Estates
  • Estate distribution

Rental Property

At MGH Advisory we have the expertise required to assist you in a variety of areas relating to residential and commercial property.

The services we offer include: 

  • Advice on purchasing a property
  • Negative Gearing Advice
  • Reviews of lease agreements
  • Guidance in tax minimisation
  • Advice on ownership structure
  • Periodic reviews to ensure returns are maximised
  • Review after-tax return on your investment
  • Liaise with Bankers in relation to loan funding
  • Advice on GST issues pertaining to ownership of rental property 

Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in the business of rental properties!

Selling a Business

Selling a business can be a difficult, stressful time and the tasks involved can seem particularly arduous and technical. At MGH Advisory we take the unwanted burden from you.

The services we provide for preparing to sell a business include: 

  • Obtaining comparative results
  • Establishing a realistic sale price
  • Taking the business to the market
  • Negotiating with potential purchasers
  • Liaise with legal advisers in relation to Contract for Sale of Business
  • GST advice in relation to the sale of business

Our friendly, professional team will help you obtain a maximum return for your business.

Succession Planning

After years of hard work developing a business, you want the business to continue in the hands of a successor and crystallise your equity or "superannuation asset".

To ensure the long-term success of your business, it is critical to establish a well-designed succession plan. Coordinating the transition of your business to your successors can be an prolonged and extensive process. However, with our years of experience we can address the complex issues of business continuation, removing the stress from your shoulders.

Contact us for more information on forming a plan that facilitates a hassle-free continuation of your business!


As the Government encourages Australians to take responsibility for and reach their financial retirement goals, individuals are repeatedly required to deal with superannuation funds. Self-managed superannuation is a means of controlling your own retirement savings. It enables you to control your investment strategy, reduce tax while obtaining tax benefits, and control administration costs.

Superannuation law is highly regulated and personalised planning is required for each individual. The team at MGH Advisory are superannuation experts who can assist in establishing a superannuation fund that will effectively enable you to reach your financial retirement goals.

Services we offer include: 

  • Establishing self-managed superannuation funds
  • Completing information for superannuation regulators
  • Prepare information for mandatory annual superannuation audits
  • Advice on compliance matters and avoiding breaches of superannuation laws 
  • Advice on taxation benefits
  • Advice on employer obligations
  • Advice on member access to benefits 


A trust provides a valuable way to protect the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others. Our extensive experience with trusts enables us to offer specialist advice on trust formation and ensures all statutory requirements are met. Obligations for trustees can often be onerous, and our assistance in trust administration can prove invaluable.

We can assist with: 

  • Advice on appropriate choice of trustee
  • Preparing and executing the vital documentation required for trust formation, including tailoring the Trust Deed to accommodate particular needs and circumstances 
  • Attending to the special requirements involved in reporting for trusts
  • Completing the trust administration
  • Minute-keeping service
  • Annual accounts
  • Taxation
  • Asset management
  • Investment monitoring
  • Income distribution

Contact us today to ensure your trust is formed and administered as effectively as possible, covering all legal requirements and guaranteed to fulfil its purpose!

Business Appraisal & Feasibility

Am I getting the best price for the sale of my business? Is the asking price too much? An independent business appraisal provides you with answers to the questions you often need to ask about the value of a business or property.

We are experienced in business appraisals to determine a realistic evaluation of your business or property.

Self-managed Superannuation Funds

There are several trust laws and legislative requirements for setting up a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). Typically you need to:

  • Obtain a trust deed
  • Appoint trustees
  • Sign a trustee declaration (NAT 71089)
  • Elect to become a regulated fund
  • Obtain a tax file number (TFN)
  • Obtain an Australian business number (ABN)

At MGH Advisory we provide the professional advice you need to set up your own fund and greatly simplify the process for you. We are proficient in assisting you to maintain your superannuation fund retains its concessionally taxed status and provide sound taxation advice in relation to operating a self managed superannuation fund.

Strategic Planning

The pressures of daily business can often mean strategic planning takes a back seat, but to have a successful business it is vital to plan ahead. We'll help you develop a strategic plan that examines where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years and exactly how you and your team can achieve these aims and objectives.

Your strategic plan will:

  • Define the characteristics of your company in three to five years
  • Identify your competitors
  • Define your objectives and financial goals
  • Include an effective implementation strategy to achieve your goals

Asset Protection

Effective asset protection is all about structure and the combination of entities you use to conduct your business affairs. Get it wrong and you will not only pay more tax than you need to but you will expose your personal assets to business failure, takeovers and business legal disputes or negligence.

It is not complicated. You just need to seek out, listen to and act upon the right advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of company, corporate, trust, partnership, joint venture, superannuation and other structures.


Whether you are an existing or prospective franchisee it is imperative that you receive specialised franchise advice from an experienced accountant.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we can assist you to achieve your franchise business objectives, and ensure that your business reaches its full potential.

If you are considering buying a franchise, we will provide franchise advice, and help answer questions such as: 

  • Is this the right franchise for me?
  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • How much money will I be able to borrow and who will lend me the money?
  • How much should I pay for the franchise and how much might I make?
  • What are the risks?

We are dedicated to the servicing of your franchised business. Our business and franchise account services for franchisees include: 

  • Preparation of financial accounts and tax returns
  • Tax planning assistance with budgets
  • Obtaining further finance
  • Financial planning and wealth creation services
  • Estate and succession planning services

Preparation for selling your business needs to be some time before the actual sale. Our services in this area include: 

  • Taxation planning to minimise Capital Gains Tax
  • Succession and estate planning services
  • Assistance with advice on the sale process
  • Strategic planning advice

Regardless if you are researching, buying, maintaining or selling a franchise, we can provide the specialist franchise advice and support that you need to succeed.

Retirement Planning

With the age to access superannuation benefits set to increase, and the government keen for people to fund their own retirement, ensuring you have savings for retirement is a pressing issue.  At MGH Advisory we can help you quantify your likely future financial needs in today's dollars and help you therefore meet your financial goals. All you need to do is contact us for advice.

Employment Contract Guidance

When you are an employer you need to understand your rights and obligations. As an employee you also have rights and obligations. Here at MGH Advisory we can provide business advice and guidance in relation to:

§  Workcover responsibilities

§  Fair pay and conditions

§  Award requirements

§  Payroll tax obligations

§  Workers Compensation

§  Tax obligations – withholding tax and superannuation

§  Salary packaging

§  Inclusions in employment contracts

§  Dismissal matters

Give us a call if you have specific questions in relation to employment issues.


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